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Specializing in content development for both in person and virtual events, we bring to life some of the biggest issues facing the world, with the people who are tackling them. We help you figure out the story you want to convey, then we develop a narrative and a compelling agenda to keep your audience engaged and entertained throughout.


We craft innovative formats and program agendas. We assemble and organize challenge group sessions and workshops, to share solutions and to solve problems. Our goal is for sessions to be a catalyst and for conversations and work to continue long after the event. We specialize in developing content which works well live and which also translates as a compelling digital product. Whether it is for an in person or a virtual event, conferences don't need to be a series of dull panels, your story is worth more than that and we can help you tell it! 

We have a global network of event professionals we work with, we assemble the best team for your project.


  • Event Strategy

  • Content Curation and Agenda Development

  • Speaker Acquisition and Management

  • Speaker Coaching 

  • Project Management

  • Event Budget Management 

  • Event Logistics

  • Manage External Vendors and Production Staff

  • Sponsor Management

  • Registration Management

  • Event Execution

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